Good Bye 2021, Hello 2022

Before we start: Most patterns linked below are Ravelry links. I know that not everyone can use Ravelry; however, right now its still the largest collection of patterns available on the internet.

Out with the OLD…”

While I didn’t have a lot of time to post on this blog during 2021, I was busy making the most of opportunities as they came up. Each project had its own challenges, but I learned new ways of managing my projects with the time I have available outside of my current day job.

Thinking back, my 2021 was “semi-planned randomness.” I was able to do the things I wanted to do, but there was no real plan. In the end, there were one or two cramming sessions to meet deadlines.

Goal 1: Sample knitting

My 2021 started with the largest project I’ve worked on in several years – a new sample for Alasdair Post-Quinn of Fallingblox Designs: Kazaguruma double knit shawl

Kazaguruma project in progress (2021)

Goal 2: Test knitting

For Nicole Simmons: Rickrack Socks (center), Amphitrite Socks (left), and Thigmotropism Socks (right)

I also test knit the Eirene shawl by Jess LaBlache, and the Vola sweater by Karen Altabef Designs.

Over the summer, I completed a Tech Editor course for knitting patterns given by Carol Ibbetson of CoolWool Design as well as a three-color double knitting workshop given by Fallingblox Designs.

2021 Favorites

Not ranked in any particular order

Audio Podcasts

Knitting/CrochetGeneral Interest
Knitmore GirlsTBTL (Too Beautiful to Live)
Craft, Cook, Read, RepeatThe Librarian Is In
Down Cellar Studio PodcastOverdue
Make Good: A Knitting PodcastPop Culture Happy Hour
Commuter Knitter PodcastStuff You Missed in History Class

Video Podcasts (VLog)

Knitting/CrochetGeneral Interest
Arne & Carlos – Sit and Knit for a BitRob Squad Reactions
Roxanne Richardson – Casual FridayLost in the Pond
Fleece and HarmonyJamel_AKA_Jamal
Watch Barbara KnitStar Talk w/Neil deGrasse Tyson**
Keep Calm and Carry Yarn**Mann Shorts – Dungeons and Dragons
Frivolous and Frugal
** available in audio and video

In with the NEW… It’s all about BALANCE

After the whirlwind of projects during 2021 and not much time for my dream-projects (“DRIPS”), I learned that I to have enough space to work on my DRIPs while also helping others with their tests and sample projects. Its important that I enough flexibility so I can also start to focus more on tech editing and adding to my knowledge in that area.

My Plan for 2022:

I find that it is much easier to break down tasks into chunks. So, instead of planning out the entire year for a “make 9” challenge, I scheduled things so each DRIP gets a dedicated two-month slot.

I’d also like to continue making gnomes – so, I’m going to try to do the Imagined Landscapes “Year of Gnomes” Knit-a-Long. I don’t think I’ll get twelve gnomes done, but I’m aiming for at least one gnome every two or three months.

If there are no test or sample knit projects available (not likely, but it’s possible), then I’ll probably fill in with another hibernating project.

For this blog

I have a lot of ideas for things that I’d like to write about, so I’m planning to post something at least every 3 months (no promises, but I’ll do my best).

I frustrated last year with not always knowing about a KAL or other event until it was too late to join in, so I’m going to make a sort of “one-stop-shopping” calendar of open KALs and fiber-related events (think: Rhinebeck) that I hear about

January-February: Clearing the Decks

Extending the idea of “Finish It February,” my plan for the next 6 – 8 weeks is to finish my active work in progress items (“WIPs”) and one or two hibernating WIPs. So far, I’m feel like I’m in a good place with this goal. Only one week into the new year, and I have finished two projects (a gnome and a shawl test knit).

Next on my to-do list are:
• Cable Jacket by Sarah James
• an earwarmer (no pattern)
• the second Thigmotropism sock (75% complete)
• cable shawl (in hibernation since 2018-19)

March-April: Spring is Almost Here

• New Personal Project: Boneyard Shawl by Stephen West.
• Workshops/Classes/Other Event: TKGA conference in April
• One test or one sample knit project
Never Not Gnoming

May-June: In the Garden

• New Personal Project: Puget Tote by illitilli
• Workshops/Classes/Other Event: (tbd)
• Other small project (tbd)

July-August: By the Sea

• New Personal Project: Seagull Shawl by Kay Hopkins
• Workshops/Classes/Other Event: (tbd)
• One test or one sample knit project
• Gnome project

September-October: Changing Seasons

• New Personal Project: Ink (cardigan) by Hanna Maciejewska
• Workshops/Classes/Other Event: (tbd)
• Other small project (tbd)

November-December: Not Quite Winter

• New Personal Project: (tbd)
• Workshops/Classes/Other Event: (tbd)
• One test or one sample knit project
• Gnome project

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Megan and James live in New Hampshire. They both grew up in the area, and share a love of revisiting old haunts as well as going on new adventures together.

One thought on “Good Bye 2021, Hello 2022

  1. Love your idea of themed 2 month segments. I’m so bad at sticking to a timetable with my knitting that I know I’d be off schedule by March. But I can see themes might add so fun to planning the year.


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