I am committed to work with you and will make every effort to ensure your pattern or article is error-free before it is published. If an error is found after my final review, please contact me right away and I will do all I can to correct the issue.

The goal of tech editing is to help ensure the quality and presentation of your design and other written materials. A Tech Editor reviews the final pattern to ensure that it is clear and easy to follow by provide suggestions and comments for corrections to the pattern.

It is up to the designer to make the changes to the pattern based on those comments.

1) Checking the overall pattern for format, style and consistency, such as:
• General proofreading including: checking font, punctuation errors, typos, etc.
• Ensuring that the pattern format meets the “house style” requirements for publication

2) All necessary components of a pattern are there and correct, including:
• Suggest revisions if the instructions are unclear or awkwardly worded
• Make sure abbreviations are being used correctly meet notation standards
• Review knitting needle, yarn and notions information for accuracy
• Review of cable or lace charts against written instructions
• Make sure that photos and descriptions accurately represent the item.

3) Checking the math, including:
• Row by row stitch counts for each size
• Stitch pattern repeats
• Measurement/sizing against standards, taking ease into account

NOTE: Tech editing does not include test knitting the pattern.

At this time, I am accepting knitting patterns for accessories, household items and basic sweaters.

• The first edit will be returned to you with comments within two (2) weeks.
• Once you make any necessary changes, the second review will be completed within three (3) to five (5) business days.
• If additional reviews are required, the final review will be returned within one (1) business day.

$25.00 per hour (USD), with a one (1) hour minimum charge.
Patterns that not received within five (5) days of the agreed deadline will include a 20% rush fee.

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